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Why Young Men Are Suffering Erectile Dysfunction & How To Fix It!

Type “ young men” and  “erectile dysfunction” into a Google search, and scan through the articles.

You will find that the most common explanations for men in their 20s and 30 suffering ED are all based on psychological reasons.

Some experts even blame it on online porn for desensitizing real life sex.

But is it just psychological, or is there something more?

As it turns out, young men in 20s and 30s today are undergoing unnatural hormonal changes that prior generations were spared.

And these “emasculating” hormonal changes are not limited only to the human species!

Even dominant male predators like both the mighty panther and alligator have shrinking penises documented over just a couple of generations living in the Everglades near sewage sites!

The undeniable fact is that you are living in a world that is a poor fit for our biology.

From just a few thousand years ago, back through the millions of years of human existence, our bodies didn’t have to deal with the chemical byproducts of the modern, industrialized world.

And it’s disrupting our hormonal health.

Plus, your physical activity is totally different.

Not only do we no longer hunt for our food, but your food has been dramatically altered and continues to be altered further (mostly without your knowledge or consent).

In an evolutionary blink of an eye, we removed ourselves from the world we were built for and created a new one.

This mismatch between our genetic adaptations and our modern environment is the cause of the greatest epidemic in the history of humankind –early onset erectile dysfunction.

Not only have higher incidences of impotence and erectile issues been reported by young men in their 20s and 30s, sperm counts are diving down too.

The culprit: excess estrogen.

When the presence of the female sex hormone, estrogen, is out of excessive, the male sex hormone, is offset.

So you end up with less testosterone to work with.

Excess estrogens are acquired through your environment—pollutants, many foods, and even the water you drink can contain estrogen or estrogen-like compounds.

The estrogen that bombards your body from outside sources further contributes to imbalanced hormone levels.

And these higher relative levels of estrogen cause health problems.

Normally, your testosterone level is ten times higher than your estrogen level.

But with falling testosterone levels and rising estrogen levels, the balance of these two hormones gets all out of whack.

What’s more?

Testosterone decline amongst younger men isn’t just from environment factors alone… sedentary lifestyles are to blame too.

With the ease of interacting on electronic devices… and access to “gaming” and “streaming”… and food delivery apps… physical activity has gone down – further driving testosterone production downward.

Another reason for erectile dysfunction in young men is overmedication and recreational use of prescription products

More and more young men are turning to prescription pills -some to control the side effects of a poor dietary lifestyle – diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure.

Increased diagnosis of mental and psychological disorders have also increased usage to of anti-depressants

But it’s not just the treatment of disorders, antidepressants like Adderol are also popular amongst men in their 20s and 30s for recreational or performance enhancement usage.

Fortunately, you can do many things control rising estrogen levels – and rebalance testosterone levels.

Foods: Cruciferous vegetables (i.e., broccoli, carrots, brussel sprouts), organic products and farm raised meat, nuts, and healthy fats.

Supplements: Dim complex, tongkat ali, zinc, fenugreek, DHEA, maca, black garlic, panax ginseng

Prescription drugs: testosterone replacement therapy

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