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When To Check For Enlarged Prostate?

It’s time to suspect an enlarged prostate if you are over 40 and notice a change in your urinary pattern.

Are you peeing more often? Are you getting up more frequently at night for the bathroom?

Do you have “to go” again after you had just emptied your bladder just moments ago?

Are you beginning to “dribble” and “stain”?

These are all common signs of an enlarged prostate or BPH (benign prostatic hyper hyperplasia).

However, an enlarged prostate does not necessarily require a trip to the doctor or a urologist. 

Medical treatments for mild symptoms or beginning stages of prostate enlargement are limited.

In most practices, a urologist will start by insisting a “digital rectum exam” – plunging his/her thumb into your rectum to detect tumor presence.

You may also have your blood drawn for a PSA test to further rule out prostate cancer.

After that, a urine analysis and ultrasound may be done to measure your urine flow and prostate size.

For mild urinary problems, a urologist will suggest a saw palmetto supplement. Or dietary changes to reduce potential prostate inflammation.

The prescription drug for an enlarged prostate, Proscar, are reserved for severe symptoms like pain while peeing or uncontrolled urination due to its potential side effects.

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