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When Is Erectile Dysfunction Curable?

You probably are aware of the many available treatments for ED nowadays.

The most common go to are prescription drugs like Viagra and Cialis that you pop 30 minutes before sex.

Problem is, these are treatments, NOT cures.

What most of us really want is to completely eliminate your erectile dysfunction, and be able to get a strong erection on your own, and not having to rely on a pill, surgeries, penis pumps, creams, etc.

So, is your erectile dysfunction curable?

Well, yes, you can permanently fix ED, but that also depend on the root cause(s) of your problem.

And the degree of your erectile dysfunction too.

In cases of minor ED, a man may only be able to get a full erection some of the time, but only partially up at other times.

Or… you may still enjoy frequent and multiple erections every day, just not as hard and strong as it once were, but still firm enough for penetrative sex.

On the other end of the spectrum are men who CAN’T get any erection, even partially, at all.

Minor ED cases are more easily reversed than more severe cases.

These more severe sufferers will likely take much longer and a far greater difficulty in reversing.

And even if they do, it may be back to a 100% recovery.

These are all factors that play in role in how curable or how much of your erectile dysfunction can be cured.

Below are many of the common reasons why men suffer ED.

And if you are currently struggling with your sexual performance, any one of these below (or multiple) may be to blame.

Some may be fixable. Others aren’t.

Cardiovascular Disease, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, High Cholesterol

For most men past 40, certain diseases or health conditions creep up.

It also happens for younger men too.

Problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol issues are usually caused from an unhealthy dietary lifestyle. Though some of us are more genetically predisposed for certain diseases than others.

Either way, these health conditions all lead to clogged or damaged arteries.

This prevents sufficient blood flow from moving into the penis to create a (strong) erection.

In many cases, abandoning unhealthy dietary choices that triggered these diseases, and adopting a healthy alternative can repair and reverse damaged arteries, restoring healthy erectile function.

The degree to which you can cure ED varies depending on how severe these underlying condition are… your level of effectiveness and effort towards reversing it, and genetics play a factor too.

Prostate Enlargement

Experts all agree that there is a link between prostate health and erectile dysfunction.

Afterall, many health experts consider the prostate a sex gland since it helps create semen.

Up to 80% of men with an enlarged prostate are said to report symptoms of ED.

The good news is that prostate enlargement could be fixed.

For instance, though prevalent in the United States, studies reported in the National Institute of Health show that in other parts of the world such as Japan and China, prostate problems are much less common.

This disparity can be explained by their native, healthy diets because Chinese and Japanese American men suffer the same rate of enlarged prostate problems as the rest of the American population.


Cancer is a devastating disease that affects the endocrine system (testosterone and other critical hormones)

Often, these are not curable.  Also, the type of cancer and the severity is also a factor.

Cancer patients who suffer erectile dysfunction will need to see a doctor to discuss their own unique situation.

Nerve or Neurological problems

You don’t think much about your nerves.

But your nerves carry messages from your brain to other parts of your body.

In this instance, communicating to your penis to rise up for sex.

Your nerves also pick up sensations, like when you are touching hot or hold.  Or in the case of sex, your genitals being aroused from physical contact.

Damaged nerves can simply prevent you from healthy erectile function.

Nerve function is complex and still not well understood.

You need to consult a neurologist to see if ED could be resolved.


Being overweight triggers a whirl of problems that can destroy your sex life.

The buildup of adipose (fat tissue) clog up or harden arteries.

Also, many obese men are diabetics and have other cardiovascular problems that further hammers the arteries.

What’s more?  Stomach fat creates estrogen dominance in men.

That’s why overweight men are more likely to suffer low testosterone.

Prescription Medication

It’s a fact. All prescription medication carries risk of side effects.

Some that may  include affecting sexual performance.

Alcohol, Smoking, & Recreational Drug Use

Though smoking can restrict circulation in the arteries long term, alcohol may have greater damage on erectile health.

Just temporary excessive alcohol consumption is known to affect sexual performance, so you can only imagine the long term consequences of overdrinking.

Excessive alcohol drinking is known to cause liver disease, which can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Narcotics like cocaine or heroin are known to suppress sexual desire.

Heart Attack

Strokes are one of the greatest health risks for any man over 50.

It can occur at any moment’s notice.

When it does, some strokes are more severe than others.

More severe strokes can paralyze one side of the body.

This can also mean that the ability for the penis to function sexually is gone too.

Psychological Reasons

Psychological reasons may be mental or biological.

Mental meaning the feeling of anxiety or lack of sexual confidence that precedes sex.

Also, it could just be the lack of stimulus. like your partner failing to arouse you or you simply are distracted by stress, dampening your sexual appetite

Biological means that there are certain brain chemicals/hormones like dopamine and serotine that your body is not producing enough of.

Such chemicals are responsible for getting you in the mood or wanting sex.

When you are running low on these brain sex hormones, physical activity, stress reduction, or dietary changes may help rebalance or restore them back up to normal levels.

Or it maybe it may require antidepressants or other prescription medication to bring them up to balance.

Low Testosterone

We all know by now that testosterone is the dominant male sex hormone.

And once it takes a nosedive, so does our sex drive and even erectile potency.

Testosterone can be increased naturally through dietary changes, physical exercise, healthy life improvements like sleep,  in combination with vitamin supplementation.

Or it can be addressed with testosterone replacement therapy.

Seeking Medical Attention To Address Erectile Dysfunction

The first person we turn to for medical help is our family doctor.

And though he/she may offer general information or advice with drug prescription or lifestyle changes, a urologist may better help you.

Very often a urologist will initially try to uncover the root cause of your ED through a questionnaire.

This is followed by an examination of your medical records or history.

And then blood work to eliminate underlying diseases that may contribute to it.

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