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What level of erectile dysfunction do you suffer?

Diagnosing erectile dysfunction can get tricky.

That’s because there are varying degrees of impotence.

For instance, the same guy who can “get it up” like the Washington Monumental from time to time, may only summon a “partial erection” most of time.

While another guy may not get an erection at all.

Or another guy who can achieve a hard erection without a problem, but could never hold it up, and almost always ejaculate prematurely.

All these men suffer erectile dysfunction.

But their symptoms range from mild to severe.

To classify what category of erectile dysfunction you suffer, you may want to turn to the International of Index of Erectile Function (IIEF).

The IIEF is a detailed questionnaire that asks patients to rank from one to five a series of questions such as:

your ability and frequency of getting an erection, the firmness  of your erections, the frequency of sexual failure with your partner, the length of time you are able to maintain an erection and more.

And once you finish all the questions, you add up your total score.

And your total score determines your erectile health.

You can take the questionnaire in the link below.

iief.pdf (baus.org.uk)

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