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Thinking about Penile Injection Therapy? Here’s the low down…

When it comes to our pecker, some of us will almost do and try anything to get it bigger and harder… even if the method appears to be painful!

Case in point: Penile Injection Therapy.

A viable solution for men who suffer erectile dysfunction, a drug called Alprostadil (which is marketed under names: Caverject, Edex, or Prostin VR) is injected into the muscle tissues of the penis.

Alprostadil works by causing blood vessels in the penis to expand, allowing more blood flow to rush in.

Thereby triggering an erection.

Here’s the kicker:

Alprostadil is injected deep into your penis with a needle!

The injection typical triggers minimal pain, if any at all, by strategically targeting certain nerve endings in the penis…

But as you can imagine, the sight of the needle alone can cause some men to feel anxious and nervous, especially when it is being injected into the most delicate organ in the body.

But if you choose to go through with penile injection therapy, you are capable of getting an erection for the 24 hours!  

But this also means that you need to repeatedly get injected daily if you choose to be intimate night after night.

Depending on your busy schedule, this may or may not work for you.

Finally, though penis therapy injection or Alprostadil is a viable option for men with erectile dysfunction, it does not help every man!   

Risks Associated With Using Penile Injection Therapy

You are prone to developing a condition called priapism, which entails prolonged, lasting over 4 hours, sometimes painful erections. 

Priapism can cause a permanent damage to the erecting tissue. 

Some users report a burning feeling or irritation at the end of the penis…

And even report discomfort after ejaculation.

And it may not just be you who complain of discomfort… your partner may also too.

She may experience burning, itching, or irritation of the body areas that come in contact with your penis.

In other words, your partners vagina may flair up in discomfort after having penetrative sex with you. 

And by way… Alprostadil is not recommended for men suffering from blood problems (such as sickle cell anemia, cell anaemia or sickle cell trait, leukemia), bone marrow problems including multiple myeloma.

Now that you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision on penile injection therapy… you can decide this is a road you want to take

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