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SouthEast Asia’s # 1 Sexual Potency Botanical: Tongkat Ali! Does It really Work?

You want to be better in bed, but you want to avoid the risk of drugs.

So you turn to dietary supplements, and one of the ingredients you notice over and over is tongkat ali.

So exactly what is tongkat ali?  Is it all hype… or will it make your man parts into a monster female pleaser?

Let’s dive in.

Grown in the lowland forests in Peninsula Malaysia – Tongkat Ali- is a plant extract local Malaysian men have relied on for centuries to increase virility… desire… and erection power.

And when put to the test in rigorous clinical studies, here are some of the results:

Clinical studies from MIT report…

  • 88% increase in testosterone!
  • 82% improvement in sex life!
  • 62% boost in sexual desire!

What’s more?

Prof. Ismail Tambi, who have published studies in the medical journal, Asian Journal of Andrology, reported Tongkat Ali to have a “highly potent” impact on mens’ sexual health and performance”

He found that men who use TongKat Ali experienced renewed sexual vitality and heightened sexual desire.

In the PADAM study published in the International Journal of Impotence he conducted, 30 married men took Tongkat Ali daily for three weeks.

The Results?

  • Their sexual desire shout up 91%
  • Their sexual function improved by 78%
  • Their sexual self confidence rose 82%

A 12 week clinical study was carried out by scientists in California and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The results were published in the medical journal Evidence-Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine in January 2014.

The study involved men aged 40 to 65.

They were not instructed to change their diet, exercise, or daily routines.

They were told only to take Eurycoma Longifolia every day.

The Results?

Men who took the ingredient as instructed enjoyed a surge in sexual libido.

They also reported stronger, longer-lasting erections.

In contrast, none of the men taking the placebo reported these benefits.

Some men experienced incredible results, increasing the length of time they could last during sex from 7.47 minutes to 19.56 minutes on average.

Exactly what is it about Tongkat Ali that shows such promising sexual improvements?

Tongkat Ali contains 28% Bioactive Eurypeptides, 40% Glyco Saponins, and 30% Polysaccharides.

These compounds in tongkat ali is said to support your body’s natural production of its own testosterone, thereby boosting sexual desire and function.

Tongkat ali may also increase cGMP, nitric oxide  and ATP production – all necessary chemicals in the male system for healthy, long lasting erectile function.

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