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Is This Secret Erection Killer Destroying Your Sex Life!

It was first announced in a breakthrough article in TIME Magazine in 2004.

Since then, inflammation is now recognized as the “secret killer”.

On the one hand, your body uses inflammation to fight off bacteria- protecting you from pollutants in the air, the water, and your food.

Problem is, inflammation also leads to all kinds of chronic health conditions, including heart and stomach problems, blood pressure issues… and erectile dysfunction.

But what does inflammation have to do with erectile dysfunction?

According to some experts, practically everything.

Shockingly, scientists have recently discovered that all five inflammatory markers were linked to impotency.

Inflammation is like tumbling dominoes.

Once it starts, everything goes downhill.

First, it hammers the endothelium, the lining of your arteries and blood vessels, by lowering nitric oxide availability which, in turn, hammers your erections.

(Nitric oxide is the gas molecule that signals your arteries to open. You need NO to achieve and maintain an erection. But unfortunately, it has a short lifespan. Harmful radicals can lead to lower bioavailability- or its effectiveness.)

But it gets worse.

Lower levels of nitric oxide have been linked to damage to the arterial walls of your heart.

So there’s even more urgency to quench this deadly inflammation.

So not only does controlling and lowering inflammation stop illnesses before they stop you, it can actually help to effectively treat erectile dysfunction.

Inflammation can lead to Plaque Build-up, clogging up the penile arteries!

Plaque can be a real killer.  Inflammation promotes the growth of plaques, loosen plaque in your arteries and trigger blood clots — the primary cause of heart attacks and strokes.

When a blood clot blocks an artery to the heart, you have a heart attach. If the blood clot blocks an artery to the brain, the result is a stroke.

If it builds up in your coronary arteries, it can lead to a heart attack or a stroke.

But it can also lead to destruction of your sex life too.

Your penile arteries are tiny and are constantly exposed to progressive plaque formation that clings to the arterial walls.

Your blood flow slows, and makes it harder for you to get and keep an erection.

The culprit is chemokines – that’s the pro-inflammatory signals that contribute to this deadly plaque build-up.

How to stop these deadly chemokines and whittles away at the inflammation so plaque buildup diminishes?

Diet: Mediterranean, low carb, ketogenic

Foods: Dark Berries, dark leafy greens, wild caught salmons

Supplements: Omega fish oil

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