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How to naturally treat and reverse erectile dysfunction

For us men, there is nothing more embarrassing and humiliating than the INABILITY to sexually satisfy the lady in our lives.

The result?  Many men wrongfully see this as unmanly.

Fact: this could happen to any man at any time, especially after we get older.

It does NOT matter if your failure to perform is due to your low libido or your inability to get and maintain an erection.

The outcome are the same… you are embarrassed…. She is unsatisfied… and BOTH of you are very… very disappointed!

You ruined and deprived both you and her of one of life’s great pleasures.

Like most men, your erectile dysfunction can quickly turn to anger and frustration.

But these feeling only makes things worse.

Regardless of how hard you try… you can’t achieve the fullness and firmness needed to perform sexually!

To make matters worse, you don’t know if you can restore your sexual ability to ever fully satisfy a woman!


A problem you’re not sure what to do about!

You avoid talking to her about sex because you fear that she may want something that you cannot give her.

You want to avoid embarrassment and humiliation in front of her again.

For the first time in your life, your self confidence in the bedroom is shattered!

Deep down you know that regardless of how many times she looks you in the face and tells you….

“Honey It’s okay! Sex is really not that important to me!”

You know she is only trying to make you feel better!

Like a good woman she is trying to prevent a bad situation from even getting worse!

However, in the back of your mind you begin to think… “

If I can’t satisfy her she might look for it somewhere else”

If only I could only achieve a full and long lasting erection like I did when I was young – why me?”

You Try Pills– Creams– Drops– And Lotions advertised on the internet, magazines, the radio or podcast. or even your doctor.

But the results are either limited… or worse, many of these solutions are expensive and outright dangerous, and comes with a host of harmful, deadly side effects.

Some are even painful.

And you wonder “What the hell is it going to take for me to get a strong erection again?

You come to the conclusion that she is going to have to love you the way you are!

But what if she doesn’t?

You need a real solution and fast!

There are 4 reasons why you suffer erectile dysfunction.

  • Lack of sex brain chemicals:

Most men don’t begin to realize that an erection begins in the brain via the nerves, blood vessels and hormones to send messages to muscles surrounding 2 chambers of spongy tissue within the penis; the scientific name is “corpora cavernosa”.

Not only that, without brain sex chemicals, you simply don’t want sex!

Obtaining an erection requires adequate blood flow to flood into the spongy tissue and, resulting in an erection.

  • Poor blood flow:

Simply put, by age 30, nitric oxide, the molecule that makes blood goes to your penis, declines.

And without sufficient levels of nitric oxide, erections are difficult to achieve.

Furthermore, what also clogs your blood flow are aged arteries.

So this combination of aging arteries and low nitric oxide serious dampers your blood flow to the penis.

  • Poor penile nerves:

Poor penile nerves is the third reason why you can’t get an erection.

You don’t think much about the nerves in your penis.

But the millions of nerves that line up underneath the thin layer of skin picks up stimulation like a blood hound’s nose.

So just the slightest touch triggers an erection. In fact, “spontaneous” erections are the result of healthy penile nerves.

  • Low testosterone:

The fourth reason for erectile dysfunctionis low testosterone or “Low-T”.

Testosterone is the dominant male hormone that courses through a man’s vein, enabling you to build muscle, stay motivated, ambitious & energetic, and yes, get erections too.

And if you when you run low on this “man fuel” as you age, your sexual performances suffer too.

If you fall short of any or just one of these 4 biomarkers, it can trigger erectile dysfunction!

That’s because your reproductive or sexual system is a biological process that requires many moving parts working together to get your aroused and erect.

Bottom line, the difference between older guys who can still get it up and keep it up… and… those who struggle… is that these virile old timers are able to maintain sufficient levels of certain male functions.

Here’s how to boost each of these crucial male functions to reverse your erectile dysfunction…

Testosterone is the male dominant hormone that’s responsible for all your masculine traits such as your muscles, deep voice, competitive spirit and drive… and yes your libido and sex drive too.

But as you age, you notice you want sex less and less.

And your erections are weaker too… maybe to a point where you can’t “get it up” at all.

This is all tied to your body’s gradual decline of testosterone production in your body.

But it’s not entirely genetics.

A poor diet and other uncontrollable culprits like pollution and environmental toxins are to blame too.

In fact, scientist agree that the toxic pollutants we breathe in and our exposure to other man-made chemicals (abundant in our food and water supply) are destroying the male endocrine system.

Your endocrine system is literally your testosterone factory, and over time, as damage accumulates, this further accelerates your already diminishing testosterone levels.

Best herbs or nutrients to increase testosterone:

Tongkat ali:

Tongkat Ali is one of Asia’s most widely used remedies for increasing testosterone.

It helps unbind a protein called sex hormone binging globulin (SHBG), which attaches to testosterone molecules, rendering it useless.

Peptides, compounds, derived from the root of Tongkat ali, have the ability to unbind SHBG, and allow more “free testosterone” to course through your veins for better erections.

In a major study, Malaysia University selected 109 men suffering from erectile problems.

Some were given Tongkat Ali to take everyday.

The remainder took the placebo.

After a couple of weeks, men who took tongkat ali reported improved sexual response, stronger and more intense erections, fuller ejaculations, and greater sexual satisfaction.

Those on the placebo reported no changes.

Stinging nettle leaf:

For thousands of years, stinging nettle leaf (uritica dioica) has been known to stimulate blood circulation, and consequently – support sex drive and firmer, fuller erections.

It acts as a natural and safe testosterone booster.

Clinical studies conducted on mice demonstrate that nettle extract has a similar effect on human sperm quality.

Researchers have also confirmed that stinging nettle has a positive effect on cardiac action, which simply means it can stimulate your libido, while protecting your heart.

Orchic Powder

The traditional medical approach to treat erectile dysfunction is testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), which is, however, effective only on a short term basis.

This is because with TRT, the brain fails to stimulate the testes to produce its own testosterone.

The usage of glandular orchic substance derived from animals instead of the actual hormones can offer a viable alternative since orchic extracts have been tested with success.

Tribulus terrestris

Used throughout Russia and Europe since the time of Alexander the Great, this amazing plant has been used to increase testosterone for both love making and muscle building.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans often used it to enhance their world renown orgies… while Bulgarian athletes in recent times used it to increase their sports performance in Athletic competitions like the Olympics.


This health boosting mineral, boron, has established its value in boosting testosterone.

In a study conducted by Iranian scientists, eight men were treated with boron supplement every morning for 7 consecutive days.

At the end of the experiment, the men showed increased testosterone level by 28%.

In another study, 13 males were given boron daily twice for two months.

The results; the level of free testosterone had increased 29% on average. The outcome of these studies are consistent and demonstrate an increase of free testosterone after boron consumption.

Best herbs or nutrients to increase blood flow to the penis:

It’s a well-known fact by now that nitric oxide and penile blood flow weakens with age.

By the time a man reaches 60, his blood flow that once flowed like a powerful river into the penis…. withers to a slow moving stream.

But with the right arterial health support for you penile blood flow… your movement can be a force of nature again!


Barrenwort is a miracle herb used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac.

It’s penile inflating capabilities are tied to powerful antioxidants that can act as a vasodilator and improve penile blood flow.


Epimedium boosts the health of your arteries and enable blood to flow more freely to the penis.

In a study published in Complementary & Alternative Medicine, 78 men with erectile problems were given either an herbal formula containing epimedium or a placebo.

After a few weeks, the participants were evaluated for erectile function improvement.

The participants taking the herbal formula with epimedium experienced a 56% improvement in sexual desire, orgasmic function and intercourse satisfaction.


In 1998, a team of pharmacologists won the Nobel Prize for their discovery of how nitric oxide (NO) regulates blood flow in the body.

One of the applications is that the release of NO causes dilation of the blood vessels to the erectile bodies.

The blood vessels open wider, so more blood can past through them.

This in turn increases blood flow to the penis.

The penis vessels fill and engorge the spongy tissue of the penis, which helps men achieve great erections.

It was discovered that an amino acid called L-arginine causes the body to produce NO.

As a result, L-arginine helps produce more NO so the blood flow to the penis increases – and erections become stiffer and last longer.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper, also known as African pepper, contains a high concentration of a substance called capsaicin.

Capsaicin has known abilities to work wonders for the arteries.

It can help blood vessels get healthier to facilitate blood circulation.

Reliable, unobstructed blood flow is critical for achieving and maintaining an erection.

Best herbs or nutrients to increase penile sensitivity:

When your penile nerves are healthy and functioning optimally, your penis responds faster to touch or visual stimulation.

And this triggers a sensual and unparalleled pleasure in your erections!

In other words, you orgasm like never before!

That’s because underneath the skin of your penis are millions of nerves that control the feelings of your penis and erections.

These lining of vital nerves on the shaft and head of your penis are all controlled by the Central nervous system (CNS).

In other words, the intensity of pleasure your penis feels rely exclusively on the CNS.

So when you are experiencing an orgasm, its the neuro-transmitters or nerves in the penis that enables this euphoric, unmatched pleasure and erotic penile sensation.

But unfortunately, as you age, the feeling and sensitivity of your penis dwindles, causing your erections to feel limp, lifeless and lacking feeling.

In short, sex no longer becomes satisfying.

Once you restore your penile sensitivity, the pleasure pathway in your penis are cleared for the peak sexual sensations.

Your member feels every tingle and a message sent to the penile muscles to inflate and get harder.

Oat straw:

Oat straw has been employed throughout Asia to treat a number of health issues… but researchers have now identified that it may be one of the most impressive penile “sensitizers”.

In a study conducted by the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, men up to age 64 with different range of sexual difficulties were administered daily for six weeks of oat straw.

The result? Men experienced a 22% increase in genital sensation, a 36% increase in frequency of orgasm.


Sarsaparilla (smilax officinalis) is commonly used in improving skin conditions.

Which makes it ideal for helping men with weak penile sensitivity since nerves are layered directly beneath the skin.

Sarsaparilla is so sexually potent that in Mexico, the root extract has been appraised for its aphrodisiacal properties.

And scientists know why. Packed powerful penile enhancing substances like sarsasapogenin and diosgenin, Sarsaparilla can work like magic even for the most difficult of male problems.

Because of these substances, it is believed sarsaparilla can boost the body’s production of its own hormones associated with erectile pleasure and arousal.

Astragalus Root

Astragalus Root is a plant extract scientifically shown to heighten a man’s arousal and sensitivity.

Grown in the Far East, this herb works primarily on the nerves.

Licorice Root

Licorice Root has been used a healing plant since ancient times; its traces have been found in the tombs of Egyptian pyramids.

Researchers found that licorice contains a unique chemical that may help calm nerves, thus can improve your sensitivity to touch and sexual stimuli.

In a study conducted Chicago-based Smell And Taste Treatment Research Foundation, scientists found black licorice improved penile stimulation by 13%!

Catuaba Bark Powder

Catuaba Bark Powder originated from the forests of Brazil, containing three alkaloids, catuabine A, B, and C, which are believed to enhance sexual function by stimulating sex nerves.

The aprhodisiace properties of catuaba were first discovered by Tupi Indians. Nowadays, it is the popular aphrodisiac in Brazil. Older men in Brazil rely on this remarkable herb for better ejaculation and orgasms.

Best herbs or nutrients to increase brain sex chemical:

Your brain does more help you solve problems and remember things.… it also controls your erections… hence the saying… “Sex starts in the brain”

Ever wondered why if you are stressed or feeling depressed, you are not in a mood for sex?

That’s because it suppresses the brain sex chemicals—dopamine, serotonin, endorphin and more— that make you want sex.

Not only that, the brain also sends messages to your penis to get aroused and form an erection.

Bottom line, without the proper “brain sex connection”, you can say good bye to ever satisfying your honey again.

Injuries, trauma, stress, anxiety and other age related damage can reduce brain-sex chemicals.

Ginkgo Leaf Extract

Ginkgo Leaf Extract has been used by natural healers for hundreds of years.

Researchers believe Ginkgo Leaf can relieve the stress hormone, cortisol – known to suppress sex chemicals in the brain.

A University of California Study showed that amongst men who suffer erectile problems due to the usage of anti-depressants, 76% who took Ginkgo Leaf Extract daily, reported increased desire and sexual excitement.


Zinc is a critical nutrient for sexual mood, and the highest amount is found in the brain.

It no coincident that zinc deficiency is linked to low desire for sex.

And because many men lack sufficient zinc, it could be one of the reasons men often tell their wives they “feel too tired”… or “not in the mood” for sex.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds have been revered by the Ancient Chinese for its anti-depressant properties.

It’s no surprise since pumpkin seeds are loaded with the magic nutrient, magnesium.

Magnesium has been linked to higher sex drive and more mood for sex.


Maca has been demonstrated in studies to stimulate two regions of the brain (the hypothalamus and pituitary glands).

In an Italian Study, 50 men reporting low sexual activity were split into two groups.

One group too maca daily. The other group took a placebo.

At the end of 12 weeks, the maca group report significant improvements having sex, while the placebo group reported no change.

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