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Question: How many inches is big enough to satisfy a woman?

Truth is…  the answer is irrelevant!

Because for each and every one of us, it’s ALWAYS…  the bigger the better!

So here’s the good news and bad news.

In spite the claims, it is NOT possible to grow your penis size.

And throw away those internet “penis growth exercises” too- you’ll just end up injuring your Johnson.

Just like your hair line, you are born with the penis you have.

But here’s how you can even the playing field.


You can GROW your erection size!

You see, the skin on your penis is far more elastic than you think.

Just like a water balloon… your penile skin can keep EXPANDING and EXPANDING and EXPANDING…

But many never reach their full potential size:

Harmful free radicals from environmental pollution, food pesticides and preservatives… plus the sugar and grease in our fast food and high sugar diet… are constantly clogging our penile arteries… and damaging our penile blood vessels.

All this restricts blood movement to your member.

Right now, many men may only be reaching 50 to 70% of their full erection size.

Once you achieve optimal penile artery and blood vessel health, you may INCREASE YOUR ERECTION SIZE!

HOW?  Nitric Oxide

Since winning the Nobel Prize in 1998, nitric oxide has reigned supreme as the top treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Over 200,000 clinical studies prove it is the key ingredient in the erection process.


Nitric oxide (NO) does two things: First, it is the molecule in your body that relaxes the blood vessels in your penis so MASSIVE blood volume can ENTER and RUSH in to form an erection.

Secondly, nitric oxide INCREASEs & MAINTAINS the abundant blood flow to your penis during sex so erections can “get up” and  “stay up” and don’t fall flaccid causing premature ejaculation.

How Pharmaceutical Companies Aim To Boost Nitric Oxide

The popular drugs Viagra and Cialis gets your erections harder and fuller by boosting nitric oxide into your bloodstream… through a synthetic ingredient called Sidenafil

And it does a great job at it.

It’s downside though, are potential side effects that can ruin your health (Hugh Hefner reportedly lost his hearing from long term usage of prescription sex pills, and some male porn actors have hung up their career midway due to increasingly permanent health problems from it).

Plus, drugs containing Sidenafil only works for two-thirds of all men.

It doesn’t produce a “spark” that’s strong enough to fully relax and expand the penile blood vessels.

Here’s the bottom line: Without nitric oxide, you don’t have enough blood flow to achieve an erection, and even when you do, it won’t be at its maximum size and hardness.

The good news is that nitric oxide is naturally abundant in your body.

That is until around the age of 30… at which point it declines every year.

So by age 50, your nitric oxide have diminished up to 50%.

And by age 70, your nitric oxide levels have declined by 75%.

It’s the reason erection power peaks by age 25.

And gradually wane until erections stop occurring well into adulthood.

Nitric Oxide Can Be Increased Naturally to Improve Erection Size and Hardness

There are various nutrients that have been proven to be effective at boosting nitric oxide.  The most well known are: L-arginine and L-Citrulline

L-Arginine makes up 70% of the nitric oxide produced in your endothelium (the inner lining of your penile blood vessels).

If you are deficient, L-arginine alone may be enough to power up your erections.

Here’s proof… Researchers from the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center recruited 50 sexually struggling men.

In this randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study, they tracked their blood nitric oxide levels.

And found that significantly increasing their L-arginine intake their sexual performance.

L-Citrulline is the other power erection chemical It’s an amino acid normally made by your body and it is effective.

Researchers from the University of Foggia in Italy tested it in a single-blind study with 24 men, average age 56.5.

They all reported various sexual performance issues including infrequent erections and poor sexual satisfaction.

One group got a placebo.

The other got L-citrulline.

The results?  The men who took L-citrulline were having twice the result. That’s a 100% success rate… WITHOUT side effects.

Best Foods for Erection growth and rigidity:

watermelon, beets

Best Erection growth Supplements



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