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Does Yohimbe Really Work?

Yohimbe is a popular herb used in male enhancement supplements.

Some men swear by it.

Others say its garbage.

Interesting, yohimbe is the ONLY herb listed for penis enhancement in the “Physician’s Desk Reference – a leading reference guide used by doctors.

But does it really work?

First, exactly what is yohimbe?

Yohimbe is an alkaloid derived from the African tree, Pausinystalia.

A meta-analysis (an observational study whereby researchers dig through a pile of different studies to come to a conclusion) confirmed that yohimbe can be beneficial for men with erectile dysfunction.

In another study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, yohimbe was found to  helped increase erectile performance in 71% of men who used it daily.

How does yohimbe work?

It is believed that yohimbe helps repair the “endothelium cells” which functions like a “lever” in your penis. 

Endothelium cells are lined inside your blood vessels.

When activated, it’s like pulling a “lever” that enables your blood vessels to let blood circulate into the penis to form an erection.

And it’s the damage to your endothelium cells that contribute to erectile dysfunction because over time, toxins accumulate and causes your “”lever to “clog” or get “rusty”.

So your endothelium lining STOPS blood from entering into your penis and nd “can’t get it up”

Researchers suggest that  yohimbe  essentially helps repairs your “levers” so your penile blood vessels can function better.

In a clinical study, French researchers gave a combination of L-arginine and yohimbe to men who felt their sex life wasn’t up to par.

They found it boosted sexual performance in the vast majority of men who took this combination treatment.


In other words, in order for your penis to work better, achieving stronger erections, one of the crucial pieces of your “man machinery” is the endothelium in the linings of your blood vessels… and yohimbe is one of the herbs that can help repair it.

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