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Does Tribulus terrestris increase your testosterone and help boost your erection strength?

Increasing your testosterone often means using a dietary supplement. One well known ingredient in many testosterone supplements is a herbal extract called Tribulus Terrestris. And a lot of users wonder if it actually works or not.

So here’s the scoop.

Tribulus terrestris is a botanical extract with a long history of usage. It’s believed to have been used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine for more than 3,000 years – serving as a whole body enhancer – boosting the immune system, improving liver health, kidney and cardiovascular health and of course…. an aphrodisiac. Today, it is mostly used for a HUGE sexual energy kickstart!

What gives Tribulus Terrestris its potency is a compound called steroidal saponins– the most prominent steroidal saponin called protodioscin.

Protodioscin is what gives Tribulus Terrestris its potency – possibly increasing androgen levels in your body.

Androgens are male hormones your body makes – the most well-known of them being testosterone.

One study analysed the effects of administering Tribulus Terrestris to rats for 8 weeks…

This study reported a 58% increase in androgen receptor activity and also a 67% increase in the activity levels of certain neurons essential in androgen signaling.

The study concluded that these results were due to the increase in the levels of androgen.

What’s more?

A study with 6g of Tribulus Terrestris extract for 60 days in infertile men noted a 16% increase in testosterone levels.

The group ingesting the Tribulus Terrestris extract also reported a significantly greater improvement in ability to get erections, rigidity of erections and sensation of orgasm compared to the control group.

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