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Beat ED with the Keto Diet

The Keto Diet has taken the spotlight as the no hunger eating system that melts away flab fast.

But the latest study shows it does more than that.

It also improves your erection power too.

For instance, in a study reported in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, men that stuck to a high protein diet were able to not only shed off fat, but also improved in their sex life and erectile function.

What is it about the Keto Diet that boost your manhood?

The Keto Diet have been shown to increase your metabolic health.

In other words, the way your body metabolizes (processes) sugars, carbohydrates and nutrients changes for the better.

Instead of storing sugar and fat, your body burns sugar and fat.

This is called ketosis.

The result?

Your insulin improves, and inflammation goes down.

This all helps remove plaque and repairs damage in your arteries (lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides).

And with more free flowing arteries and blood vessels, blood has a clearer path to your penis for stronger and firmer erections.

More testosterone

One of the visual benefits of ketosis or being on the Keto Diet is a leaner physique.

But a leaner body does more than improve your confidence, it also increases your testosterone too.

That’s because estrogen, the female hormone, is highly concentrated in your abdominal region.

And by reducing belly fat, your estrogen goes down.

And your testosterone goes up (low-T is correlated to erectile dysfunction).

How to Eat the Keto Diet

The Keto diet is simple to follow.

And that’s another reason this system of eating is so popular.

So long as you avoid carbohydrates, you can eat anything you want, until you are satisfied.

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