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Beat ED with Natural Remedies: 22 vitamins, nutrients, supplements, herbal extracts for Erectile Dysfunction

Okay, you don’t want the risk of side effects from drugs.

So you are looking for natural ED remedies that work.

Here’s the good news: many vitamins, nutrient extracts, and herbal supplements have been clinically proven to help lower symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Some of them even have a history of successful usage.

For instance, ancient medical practitioners have long used herbs and food sources to help men increase their sex drive and harden their erections, thus restoring normal sexual function for intercourse.

Today, many of these same aphrodisiacs are used in popular men’s supplements.

Choosing The Right Vitamins, Nutraceuticals, & Herbal Ingredients for Improving Your Erection Power

In this ED Dietary Supplement Guide, you are going to discover the 22 most proven nutrients, herbs, and vitamins for restoring sexual potency.

That way, you know what works, and be on the lookout for the right ingredients.

The way we came up with this list was:

1.) We scanned through and searched under different terms for male sexual supplements like “male enhancement”, “erectile dysfunction”, “erection pill”, etc… and we made a list of all the ingredients on every label we came across.

2.) Next, we investigated each and everyone of these ingredients by searching for clinical studies. And these all had to be human studies.

In other words, it wasn’t good enough that these ingredients worked well on rats.

It had to be tested successfully in humans, oftentimes in double blind placebo conditions where one group took the prescribed dosage of the ingredient being tested, and the other group took the placebo.

And no one knowing which group they belonged to

3.) Then we finally withered them all down to a final list of the top 22 natural herbs, but not in any specific order.

Beat ED with Natural Remedies:  22 vitamins, nutrients, & herbal extracts for Erectile Dysfunction


1.) Vitamin D

We all already know that Vitamin D is essential for strong bones.

But recently, its also known for something else:  strong sexual health.

A recent study published in the International Journal of Endocrinology showed that there is a strong connection between erection strength and Vitamin D.

41 men with ED were recruited, and given various dosages of Vitamin D.

What researchers found was that…

The higher the weekly dosage of Vitamin D that was given to these men, the healthier they reported their erections and sex life.

How does Vitamin D boost sexual health?

Researchers believe that Vitamin D both increases testosterone and improves endothelium health.

The endothelium is the lining of the blood vessel that plays a crucial role in relaxing the muscles of the penis so blood could enter in.


2,) Vitamin B9 also known as Folic Acid

Commonly found in dark leafy vegetables like spinach and asparagus, Vitamin B9 or Folic Acid helps keep our red blood cells healthy.

But it does more than that, it can also reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

In a study published in Andrology, 100 men with ED were recruited.

They were all supplemented with Vitamin B9 daily.

After 3 months, the severity of their erectile dysfunction was reduced to mild or moderate.

Researchers report that Vitamin B9 can strengthen erections by increasing blood flow in the penis.


4.) Vitamin B3 also known as Niacin

Niacin is a nutrient that helps turn the food you eat into usable energy while helping you maintain a healthy central nervous system and digestive health.

Not only that, but Niacin has been shown to help men with cholesterol problem achieve stronger erections too.

Published in the Journal Of Sexual Medicine, Chinese scientists split 160 men suffering both high cholesterol and ED.

80 of them took a daily dosage of Vitamin B3 and the other 80 took a placebo.

After 3 months, the Group taking Vitamin B3 reported drastic improvements in their erection health, while the placebo group reported no benefits at all.


5.) Tongkat ali… also known as Eurycoma Longfolia

Used in Malaysia for over 1,000 years, this ancient plant has many known benefits from improving immune health to protecting bone density.

Today, Tongkat Ali is best known for its ability to improve testosterone in men.

When it comes to the erection process, it’s not just blood flow you need, healthy male hormones are the other part of the puzzle to strong bedroom performance.

And Tongkat Ali may be one of the most effective natural testosterone boosters

For instance, in a 1-month study of 76 older men with low testosterone, a daily intake of Tongkat Ali extract brought their below average testosterone levels to normal values in over 90% of them.

In another major study, Malaysia University selected 109 men suffering from erectile problems.

Some were given Tongkat Ali to take everyday.

The remainder took the placebo.

After 12 weeks, the group given the Tongkat Ali reported improved sexual response, stronger and more intense erections, fuller ejaculations, and greater sexual satisfaction.

Those on the placebo reported no changes.


6.) L-arginine

You’ve probably heard of nitric oxide before.

It’s a gas molecule that tells the blood vessels in the penis to open so blood could move through and form an erection.

For many men with erectile dysfunction, poor nitric oxide levels is one of the main culprits.

This is where l-arginine comes in.

L-arginine is an amino acid your body uses to create nitric oxide.

In fact, 70% of your nitric oxide is composed of L-arginine.

Simply put, without L-arginine, your body doesn’t have the raw ingredients it needs to produce nitric oxide


7.) L-Citrulline

We can’t mention L-arginine without L-Citrulline.

L-Citrulline (an amino acid highly concentrated in watermelon) is a more “bioavailable” form of L-arginine.

In other words, L-Citrulline converts into L-arginine once your stomach digests it.

But it is a more powerful than ordinary L-arginine because during digestion, a lot of your l-arginine gets broken down, and only a small amount of it is used to make nitric oxide.

L-citrulline, on the other hand, is better at surviving the digestion process, so more of it converts to usable L-arginine compared to just taking l-arginine.

How effective is L-Citrulline at hardening your erections?

In a 2 month study at the University of Italy, of 24 men, 50% reported increased hardness after taking l-citrulline daily, while increasing their frequency of sex by 68%.


8.) Panax Ginseng also known as Korean Ginseng or Asian Ginseng

Panax Ginseng is a not be confused with Siberian ginseng or American ginseng.

Panax ginseng is highly prized in Traditional Chinese Medicine and throughout Asia.

Concentrated with a nutrient called ginsenoside, panax ginseng has been proven to boost your energy levels, immune function and overall health.

Panax ginseng has also been shown to help alleviate problems with erectile dysfunction.

It’s believed to increase blood flow while also improving your sex drive.

In a study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, impotent men were given either Panax Ginseng or a placebo.

The ginseng group achieved a 60% success rate at relieving men of their erection problems, while only 30% of those in the placebo experienced any improvement at all.


9.) Trans Resveratrol

Red wine is healthy for your heart.

Some researchers even think that red wine may be the reason the French and the Italians have generally better heart health compared to us… even though their lifestyle includes heavy smoking and food high in fats.

What gives red wine its heart protecting properties is resveratrol.

Resveratrol, a natural compound, is known to help increase nitric oxide in your blood vessels.

It also helps relax the arteries in your penis so blood could enter to trigger an erection.

However, there is a more absorbable form of resveratrol called Trans Resveratrol that may work ever better for your blood flow.


10.) Saffron

Originated in the Middle East, saffron is a delicate purple flower that’s grounded down into a red powder to add flavor to dishes.

But its more than just a culinary spice.

Studies show saffron can be effective at alleviating erectile dysfunction – improving arousal, desire, intercourse satisfaction and orgasm quality.

And in one study published in the journal Phytomedicine, 20 men with ED were regularly given a dosage of saffron extract daily.

After 10 days, not only did these men improve their erection hardness, their penis tip also hardened during intercourse.


11.) Fenugreek

Used since Ancient times in the Mediterranean region of Europe, fenugreek has now been proven an effective testosterone booster.

For instance, in one study, testosterone increased by 46% in 90% of test subjects that took fenugreek daily for 3 months.

The key to fenugreek?

It contains a compound called saponin that works supports healthy endocrine function (where testosterone is produced).

Usage of Fenugreek extracts has been shown to not only increase testosterone, it also boost sexual desire, orgasms and sexual endurance and increasing sperm count.


12.) Beet Powder

Beets are one of those foods you either love or hate, but this vegetable has gained a lot of attention in recent years thanks to strong evidence linking it to increased nitric oxide production.

This is due to beet’s high concentration of nitrate, a chemical that your body to make nitric oxide.

Thankfully, you don’t have to cook and eat and consume beets every day.

It’s available in powder or capsule.


13.) Cordyceps Sinensis

First grown in the Himalayans, cordyceps sinensis was a mushroom brewed by locals to drink as a tonic for a cure all.

And its reputation soon made it a staple herbal medicine used by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Nowadays, studies show that cordyceps Sinensis is also a good choice as a sex booster.

Known as an adaptogen, Cordyceps Sinensis lowers stress and anxiety so you can increase your mood for sex.


14.) DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone)

DHEA is one of the most important hormones in your body.

Produced in your adrenal glands, DHEA is the hormone that helps create all the other male hormones such as testosterone.

So your body takes the DHEA and uses it to make testosterone.

In a study of 8 middle aged adults published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, free testosterone levels increased after daily dosages of DHEA.


15.) Zinc

Zinc is a essential trace element our bodies cannot live without.

It keeps our DNA, cell function and immune system working, while healing damaged tissues in our body.

Zinc is also crucial for our sexual wellbeing

And having sufficient zinc levels is linked to healthy testosterone levels and sperm count too.

In a study published in the “African Journal of Medicine and Medical Science,” researchers looked at zinc, selenium and testosterone levels in 50 impotent men and 20 fertile men ages 25 to 55.

They found that the sexually healthy men had much higher levels of zinc and testosterone than those who were impotent.

Zinc is also a critical nutrient for sexual mood, and the highest amount is found in the brain


16.) Ashwagandha

A herb native to India, Ashwagandha is one of the key healing nutrients in Ayurvedic Medicine.

Ashwagandha may protect cells in the testes from oxidative damage – when toxins enter the body and attacks.

The testes are where much of our testosterone is produces, so less damage to the testes may support testosterone levels.

For instance, in one study of 150 men that was published by the National Institutes of Health, a significantly greater improvement and regulation were observed in serum hormone levels with the treatment as compared to the placebo treatment.


17.) DIM

A natural nutrient found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, collards and bok choy…

This potent phytonutrient is called Di-Indolyl-Methane –  often referred to as DIM for short.

It increases the amount of usable testosterone in your body.

That’s because much of our testosterone is diminished by estrogenic chemicals and toxins that attack our bodies.

Dim lowers your estrogen level, allowing more of your testosterone to convert to its usable form.


18.) CoenzymeQ10

Long used as an anti-aging supplement that keeps the heart strong, while boosting cellular energy, there is now a growing body of evidence that CoenzymeQ10 could be taken regularly to help beat erectile dysfunction too.

It’s secret?

CoenzymeQ10 protects against oxidative stress—toxins that enter our bodies and wreak havoc on our arteries and blood vessels, preventing adequate blood flow to the penis to form an erection.

CoenzymeQ10 has been also shown to help repair blood vessels and veins.


19.) Pomegranate extract

Few foods are loaded with the amount of anti-oxidants than pomegranate.

It has up to three times more anti-oxidants than red wine

And three times more antioxidants than green tea.

And with more than 100 other phytochemicals (nutrient plant chemicals), pomegranate is great for your arteries.

Multiple human studies show that daily consumption of pomegranate juice helps improve sexual function by increasing blood flow in addition to increasing testosterone too.

This includes a study reported in the International Journal of Impotence Research, where 42 men struggling to achieve reliable erections consumed pomegranate juice daily.

After 4 weeks, 25 of the 42 subjects reported stronger erections, better sex, increased orgasms and sex drive.


20.) Muira Puama Bark

Originated in Brazil, muira puama bark helps stimulate the sensory nerves, increasing sex drive and frequency of sex,

This was backed in two separate human studies.

Though the mechanisms isn’t known, researchers think that it helps with your sex drive..

In one study, 60% of men given Muira Puama bark extract improved their sex drive while 50% reported better erections.


21.) Ginkgo Leaf Extract

Used by health practitioners for hundreds of years, researchers now believe Ginkgo Leaf Extract can relieve stress, reducing cortisol, the stress hormone.

Cortisol is known to lower testosterone and reduce libido.

It suppresses sex chemicals in the brain too.

A University of California Study showed that amongst men who suffer erectile problems due to the usage of anti-depressants, 76% who took Ginkgo Leaf Extract daily, reported increased desire and sexual excitement.


22.) Maca

Grown in the Andes, maca can help with sexual desire.

Maca has been demonstrated in studies to stimulate two regions of the brain (the hypothalamus and pituitary glands).

In an Italian Study published in the medical journal Andrologia, 50 men reporting low sexual activity were split into two groups.  One group took maca daily. The other group took a placebo.

At the end of 12 weeks, the maca group report significant improvements having sex, while the  placebo group reported no change.


Timeline for results from herbs, nutrients and vitamins in supplements

Unlike ED drugs that work almost instantaneously, seldomly do any supplements produce overnight erections.

Based on studies, it generally takes anywhere between 2 to 12 weeks to produce significant improvements in sexual health, even though benefits can start to be noticed sooner.

Natural ingredients take longer to work in the system.


Side Effects

No known side effects have been reported with any of these herbs, vitamins and nutrients highlighted in this article.

Yes. Discomfort can occur if dosages are excessive, but most dietary supplements sold by a reputable manufacturer rarely exceed the threshold that would trigger any side effects.

If you are on medication, you should always consult with a medical professional before taking


How to search for trusted ingredients in supplements

Now that you know which ingredients to look for, there are also a few things to keep in mind before you make a purchase.

Supplement companies can be shady.

Sometimes, the ingredients on the label do not match what’s in the pill.

They can also be contaminated too.

To ensure that you are getting what you are paying for…

First, you want to see that a dietary supplement is produced in the United States.

If it’s made in a foreign country, who knows what’s actually in there?

So search for a small seal on the back of the label that says “Formulated in the USA”.

Also, the second seal you should look for should say “Sourced from a GMP certified facility”.

Though the FDA does not enforce the claims made by dietary or herbal supplement brands, they do provide regulation over the facilities that manufacture the pills.

Laboratories that meet the standard of the safety, cleanliness, sanitary, well controlled process. are allowed to have the label “Sourced form a GMP certified facility.

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Process.


Lifestyle Changes That Improve Sexual Health

It may take more than just using nutraceuticals, herbs, vitamins and supplements to restore peak sexual function.

Smoking, being overweight, cocaine use, chronic stress and excessive alcohol all have a diminishing effect on libido and erectile function.

These conditions hinder the erection process by either reducing blood flow, testosterone, mood, or your nervous system function.

Scientists have long reported that staying in shape –  a healthy diet plus exercise – is also key to sexual wellness.



When it comes to improving your sexual health, and even eliminating bedroom performance problems, natural remedies can help.

All the ingredients mentioned on the list have been well studied by medical researchers and can be part of your daily regimen to reclaiming peak sexual health.




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