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Are Your Diabetes Killing Your Erections?

If you are a diabetic… or… a pre-diabetic… it’s probably a struggle to get a strong erection.

In fact, up to 75% of all chronic blood sugar sufferers report symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Which means that for some diabetics, they are can only get it “partially up”… and for others, they can’t get an erection going at all.

This is a very frustrating problem that often spirals out of control further- triggering binge/comfort eating or alcohol drinking to relieve the ever-increasing anxiety – further sending glucose levels soaring … making erection problems even worse.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Why does this happen? Here are the main reasons why you are as good as castrated when you suffer diabetes.

1.) Diabetic Castration # 1: When excessive blood sugar is roaming through your bloodstream… it’s like a tornado sweeping across town… obliterating everything in it path.   Your blood vessels your blood sugar travels through becomes scarred and damaged.  Damaged or unhealthy blood vessels shuts off  blood flow to the penis.  So getting an erection become a problem.

2.) Diabetic Castration # 2:  You’ve heard over and over that testosterone is what makes men men.   Well, high glucose levels disrupts your hormones.  It rebalances your testosterone level – lowering your t-levels… while increasing your estrogen (the female dominant hormone that causes man boobs and impotence) 

3.) Diabetic Castration # 3 – It’s no secret that managing diabetes/blood sugar can be very stressful.  Strap this heightened level of anxiety to an already stressful life… cortisol levels shoot up… further worsening existing erectile problems

4.) Diabetic Castration # 4 – Many men who have diabetes are treated with multiple medications.   These synthetic drugs have proven to put a downer to your sex life.

What is the treatments for ED if you are having diabetic problems?

Dietary changes: It’s the most effective and safest solution in bringing your blood sugar levels under control.

A healthier diet and more active lifestyle will put you back on track for throbbing, pulsating erections again.

Diets such as the Ketogenic Diet or the Mediterranean Diet- which removes much of the sugar and carbohydrates in your meals have shown the best results at regulating your insulin.

Drugs: Sildenafil (Viagra. Revatio), tadalafil (adcirca, Cialis), Vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn)

Supplements for ED: horny goat weed, zinc, maca, gingko leaf, tongkat ali, nettle leaf, Tribulus terrestris, boron, l-arginine, l-citrulline,  barrenwort, zinc, muira puama

Supplements for Diabetes: Gymnema, cinnamon bark, cinnamaldehyde, Chromium AND Biotin, Banana leaf extract, licorice,  juniper berry, cayenne, guggal, alpha lipoid acid, white mulberry extract

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