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3 best ways to stop dribbling

You finish peeing, zip up, and within moments, a few dribbles involuntarily leak out … staining the crotch of your pants.

Why did this happen?

Dribbling is a common problem that comes with aging.

Just like the muscles on your arms, chest, back and legs wither, so does the muscle tissue around your bladder.

Unable to contract as forcefully as it used to, your bladder can’t “push out” all the urine in one strong, continuous stream.

This leaves the last bit of urine trapped and slowly moving through your urethra (the tube in your penis).

Only moments later does this leftover residue make its way out- i.e. dribbling.

Though regarded as a minor inconvenience by urologists, dribbling, left unchecked, gradually turns into “leaking” – when more noticeable amounts of uncontrolled urine are released.

This usually leads to the usage of adult diapers or “guards” since the bladder muscles by now are too weak to control your urinating.

The good news is there are a few ways to strengthen your bladder muscles and control dribbling before its too late.

  • Perform pelvic (and) or lower abdominal exercises. The bladder muscle is located right under the lower abdominal, so targeting the region above the penis and below the waist will strengthen the bladder muscle
  • Take a testosterone supplement. Testosterone decline is the root cause of diminishing muscle size and strength. And its not just your biceps and pecs. It includes your bladder muscles too.
  • Eat pumpkin seeds. Pumpkins seeds contain an essential fatty acid that’s clinically proven to aid bladder control.

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